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My personal MSFS ecosystem has grown so large that I require checklists.

Update checklist

Startup Checklist

  • LRM Client (Autostart with Windows)
  • Simbrief Downloader (Autostart with Windows)
  • Loupedeck (Autostart with Windows)
  • SimRacingStudio (Autostart with Windows)
  • Navigraph Simlink (Autostart with Windows)
  • FSUIPC (Autostart with MSFS)
  • GSX (Autostart with MSFS)
  • AutoFPS (Autostart with MSFS via FSUIPC)
  • hdrfix bat file
  • Tacview Bridge for MSFS
  • SkyDolly
  • TrackIR
  • Spad.Next
  • Navigraph Charts